Dictionary Etigara-Electronica

When you make the first steps in the world of electronic cigarettes you will find a lot of words and specific names.
We have compiled for you a small explanatory dictionary of the most used terms:

Analog (cigarettes)

Electronic cigarette is a  term used to refer to conventional cigarettes.


Part of electronic cigarettes containing a filament that heats and vaporizes nichelina liquid contained in the cartridge, producing steam. (Also called atomizer or vaporizer)


The battery  gives power to atomizer wich produces steam when the user inhales from the mouthpiece. Manual batteries have a button to be held down when you inhale. These are different by the automatic batteries because they trigger only when we push the button button .Automatic batteries trigger when user inhale.


Part of electronic cigarettes containing e-liquidl.  Plays the role of  filter of a normal cigarette. There are books that have indoor batting (or other absorbent) and cartridge type container (tank) hollow.


Cartridge type with built atomizer. Are considered  disposable, but some cartomizers can be reused if are cleaned. There are different types of cartomizers for various models of electronic cigarettes. Dual Coil versions have appeared containing two resistors instead of one, the desired effect is stronger taste and th.


Transparent  cartomizer type, refillable, with different capacities. REV5 CE2 XL edition, has a capacity of 1.8 ml, length 5cm and different strength, depending on the model (from 2.4 ohm - low to 3ohm - normal). Use a mouthpiece without batting. It can be used with various batteries, the most common models are the models for batteries 510/Ego.Se average 6-8 times. Latest versions of clearomizers can be removed to clean and extend their lifespan.


It refers to the time after the battery electronic cigarette "cut" (stop) to avoid overheating the atomizer during inhalation. Is generally between 5-8 seconds.


Refers to the method of dripping e-liquid directly onto the atomizer filament.


A special type of cartridges (filters) hollow, with a higher hole which add drops of e-liquid directly reaching the atomizer filament. Drip-type sites are an alternative to conventional cartridges.

Dry burn

Refers to the operation by which an atomizer without  liquid is powered by battery power in order to eliminate slag film which is formed during the resistance. Operation should not lead to excessive heat resistance so that each power supply should not exceed 5 seconds. This method is recommended for those with experience using electronic cigarettes.


Do it yourself - Term that refers to e-liquid mixtures homemade (home made mix)


Electronic Cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette is a revolutionary invention due to technology evolution. This "E-Cigarette" is a revolutionary device that acts much like a traditional cigarette, but instead to produce smoke by burning it produces vapors by vaporizing e-liquid.


Special liquid for electronic cigarettes.

E-Smoke (E-smoke)

E-Smoke is a term used for the act of smoking electronic cigarette. E-smoke is also known as "vapor" because the act of inhale from an electronic cigarette is basically caused by evaporation. Vapors produced are not caused by fuel or fire, so no smoke.

E-smoking (S - Smoking)

It is a shortened term for electronic cigarette smokers.


Cartomizator with a capacity of 3.5 ml. Unlike clearomizers is not completely transparent, has only a window through which we can see the fluid level. It can be used with various batteries , the most common are modules that adapt to Ego batteries. It recharges through a hole in the top, under the mouthpiece, using a syringe or pipette. Mouthpiece does not contains wadding. V2 version for Ego has a length of 77mm complete with mouthpiece and a diameter of 14mm.


A change or addition to electronic cigarette or a full home made electronic cigarette.


Micro electronic cigarette type with length between 50mm and 99mm


Type of mini electronic cigarette with length between 116mm and 139mm


Personal Charging Case - "Box" personal charge. Portable device that can store books and atomizers and is used to charge electronic cigarette batteries when you're away from a power curent.With one fully charged PCC you can recharge between 3 and 4 x electronic cigarette.


Electronic cigarette type "pen" in length between 140mm and 160mm.


Terms used to designate the type e-liquid. PG - propylene glycol, PEG - polyethylene glycol, VG - glycerin vegetal.These components used as the basis for e-liquids.The most common is PG's. Differ in taste and consistency.


Electronic Cigarette type "supermini" has a length between 100mm and 115mm.

USB passthrough

A cable that connects to any USB port and the other end has one atomizer. With this you can smoke without using a battery. There are  passthrough for most electronic cigarette models.


Fumes resulting from the use of electronic cigarettes that mimic conventional cigarette smoke.

Evaporator (evaporator)

Evaporator is another name for atomizer or spray. Evaporator (evaporator) also refers to electronic cigarette users,is the correspondent of "smoker" word, in case of  conventional cigarettes.