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Using (visiting or ordering products) site, you agree to these terms and conditions. For use in good conditions of the site we recommend you carefully read the terms and conditions of use. Etigara-electronica  reserves the right to make changes without prior notice provisions.


About Etigara-electronica is not responsible for and can not be held responsible for damages incurred in using any product purchased through the information on this site. About Etigara-electronica tries to present as complete as possible marketed products (photos, features, price), but does not guarantee that their description or other content of this site is accurate, complete or error-free update. Products supplied may differ from pictures on the site in any way due to changing characteristics or design by the manufacturers without notice to them.

Any compatibility issues between components purchased using this site and the information that you own or are about to purchase from other sources not subject to liability Etigara-electronica.

Your Registration Obligations

In the service, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself, such as those specified in the user registration section and agree to provide this information correctly and completely. In case we believe that this obligation is respected by you, we reserve the right to block access to specified or indefinite period, to use the service without notice.

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Product liability

Commercial warranty for products  sold on our site differs in function of product  in cause . We have the following warranties :

-      6 months warranty for chargers ( socket chargers , usb chargers , auto chargers ) , ohm meters and mechanical mods

-      30 days warranty for mod batteries , batteries , mods with variable voltage/wattage

-      DOA( dead on arrival ) warranty for atomizers , clearomizers and resistances . This warranty applies only for the mentioned products if the product in cause was not working when you receive it . ( if we observe that the resistance is black then it means that the product was used before and we won’t replace the product ) .

Also, the guarantee is granted to products which are damaged due to handling or careless operation (mechanical shock, electrical, thermal, high impurities, high humidity conditions, foreign objects or liquids inside the equipment , broken batteries , atomizers/clearomizers with glass tank broken or other mechanical damages caused by the user  )

Normal mechanical wear is not covered by this warranty.

Article 1. Use, visiting and ordering products on www.etigara-electronica.ro site implies acceptance of terms and conditions that will be detailed in the following paragraphs.

www.etigara-electronica.ro reserves the right to make any changes to these provisions and any changes www.etigara-electronica.ro site, structure or any other changes that could affect the site without requiring a notice to users, in this respect.

Article 2. Electronic communications, telephone.

a) By accessing the site www.etigara-electronica.ro, using, visiting, buying products, communication is done electronically, so considering that the user agrees to receive notices of any kind from www.etigara-electronica.ro

Article 3. Security and Privacy.

a) The products on this website are sold online through services offered by www.etigara-electronica.ro

b) www.etigara-electronica.ro guarantee the security of its computer systems in this respect, your personal data entered by completing the order will come into possession of third parties and will not be improperly used.

Article 4. Disclaimer.

a) www.etigara-electronica.ro not responsible and can not be held responsible for:

1. Damages incurred through the use of any products purchased through the site www.etigara-electronica.ro;

2. Compatibility issues with products purchased from other companies;

3. We assume no responsibility for the products purchased from www.etigara-electronica.ro are used on systems that do not meet the performance specifications of the products;

4. Description of products (images, technical specifications, price) or www.etigara-electronica.ro site content is accurate, complete or error-free update. Modifications to the design characteristics or by producers (without notice), products supplied may differ in any way the images displayed on the site.

5. If prices or other details regarding the products were displayed wrong, including because they were made wrong database www.etigara-electronica.ro company has the right to cancel delivery of product and to notify customers about the problem with in no time if delivery did not occur, www.etigara-electronica.ro can not be made responsible for any damage or loss resulting from not keeping order.

6. The maximum amount of obligations to any customer for failure to deliver or delivery of our products is strictly reduce the amount of the payments received from the client.

Article 5. Disputes

a) conflicts between users www.etigara-electronica.ro site will be settled amicably within 15 days after written notification of problems by the user.

b) If the dispute is not settled amicably, Romanian competent courts of law.

Article 6. Copyright.

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b) without the use of any of the items listed www.etigara-electronica.ro punishable under applicable law.