Inawera is a worldwide producer of flavors, empty bottles and bases, such as: VBT, VPG, Universal Base, VPG Plus, 2D Fresh, VG Bio, PG Eco or Dirty Neutral.

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  • Flavors

    Bottles of 5 ml, 7 ml or 10 ml from Inawera with the following flavors: tobacco, alcohol, coffee, exotic fruit, mint, Wera Garden or Tino D`Milano.

  • Bases

    Bases 100 ml from Inawera with different concentrations of nicotine, either VG, PG, VG +PG or Menthol: VG Biobase, VPG, VBT, VPG Plus 70/30%, PG Eco, 2D Fresh, Dirty Universal or Neutral.