Apple Pie E-solid

Electronic Cigarette E-solid ⇒  A new revolutionary products

1. No burnt flavour.
2. No leakage.
3. Longer quality guarantee period, Longer working time.
4. Purely natural plant extracts, much safer, more healthy.
5. More convenient to use, easier package, easier to carry and transport.
6. More heavy smoke , lower melting point, quicker atomization.

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Termeni și condiții de utilizare

E-solid is new reserched products,it has more advantages compared to E-liquid(e juice). Easy to carry and transport, easy package, easy to use and long time working. Product rights and patent belong to Feellife Bioscience international Co.,Ltd

More convenient to use
More heavy smoke
Use for long time, better chemical stability
Easy to carry and transport
Squeeze the E-solid into cartomizer properly.
Unfit person: Under the age of 18 years old, pregnant and non-smoker.
Seal tightly in normal temperature, keep away from light.
Quality warranty:12 months
Keep out of reach of children. Forbid to swallow. Stop using if feel uncomfortable.
Wash immediately if contact with eyes and seek medical attention.

Capacity: 10g
Features: with Nicotine
Concentration Level: High
Heat Resistant: Up to 50'c
For: Electronic Cigarette
Dimensions: 90.0*29.0*18.0mm
Weight: 20.0g

Nicotine Level:
Super High 36mg/g
Extra High 24mg/g
High 18mg/g

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